*VU CAO DAM (1908-2000)

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*VU CAO DAM (1908-2000)

Maternité, 1956 Huile sur panneau

Signé, daté et localisé en bas à gauche

41 x 33 cm. (16 1/8 x 13 in.)

Oil on panel

VU CAO DAM (1908-2000)

Vietnamese artist Vu Cao Dam was born in 1908 in Hanoi. He graduated from the Indochina Fine Arts College with excellent results. As part of the first class of students, he studied along with other future masters such as Le Pho (1907-2001), Mai Trung Thu (1906-1980), Nguyen Phan Chanh (1892-1984).

A few years later, Vu left his homeland for Paris, world capital for the arts. This young talent artist had participated in several notable exhibitions, including the ’Salon des Indépendants’, the ’Salon des Tuileries’ and the ’Salon de l’Autonome’.

In 1952, he moved to Vence and became neighbors with Morris Kestelman (1905-1998) and Marc Chagall (1887-1985). Surrounded by great painters, Vu Cao Dam developed a series of works on canvas and on panel, including both works offered in today’s sale. Vu’s painting style was strongly influenced by Chagall, especially with the choice of colors. We can perceive through his works a strong and harmonious marriage between the Eastern and Western concept and technique.
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